Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • What is The Book Stand Program?

    • Having an Author:Speaker Business Model

    • A Day in the Life of an Author - Future Cast Assignment

    • My Author:Speaker Worksheet

    • The Book Stand Program Schedule & Timeline

  • 2

    Defining Your Books Purpose

    • What does your book stand for?

    • Showcase your Subject Matter Expertise

    • The Look of your Book.

    • Define your Avatar through your Target Audience

  • 3

    Writing with Purpose

    • Developing a Thought Provoking Book Title and Description

    • Outline the Chapters and Highlight Topics for your book

  • 4

    Key Principles to Developing a Speaker Business - Positioning

    • What type of Speaker are you?

    • Becoming a Speaking Change Agent for Hire

    • Simple Strategies for building a Speaker Business

  • 5

    From Manuscript to Book.. It's Time to Publish

    • Self-Publishing versus Traditional Publishing.

    • The Cost of Publishing and Marketing your book

  • 6

    Spreading the News - The Pitch

    • Think through your Book Launch Plan

    • Social Media Posting Schedule Guideline

    • Media Recognition - Press Releases

  • 7

    Financing your Project

    • Book Launch and Marketing Expense Budget Template

  • 8

    BONUS CLASS - Raising Capital

    • How to Raise Capital with Ease - Bonus Masterclass

  • 9


    • Content Contributor Book Waiver Template Letter

    • Content Contributor Submission Guideline Template

    • Call for Speakers Response Template

    • Speaker Agreement Contract - Template

About the instructor

Chief Branding Strategist

Natasha Davis

Natasha Davis, is a Branding Strategist and Corporate Trainer.  As a certified expert in email & social media marketing, branding, speaker and trainer,  she thrives on fixing problems and eliminating frustrations for companies and their executives.  Over the past 14 years, Natasha has worked with several companies and professionals to assist them in enhancing their business potential, brand equity, brand loyalty, customer satisfaction and marketing strategy through the power of impactful branding.  Her clients affectionately refer to her as "The Chief Visionary" because of her ability to quickly identify issues, find solutions, get results and improve outcomes. 

Are you Ready to Launch your Author:Speaker Business in just 16 weeks? 

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